Sunday, January 30, 2011

100 Styles 19 - Shadowy Creatures - Shadow text

Shadow text effect (Click the image to see it bigger)

What is left when you remove the text? Is it just the shadow? Today's effect is the shadow of a text in either case. Makes me wonder what's left to explore for the last image on this theme tomorrow, but that's a question for tomorrow. Read on for info on how the effect is created and to be able to download the style file to experiment with yourself.
Shadow text effect

Inner Shadow settings

It's the three settings in the middle that makes or breaks this effect (unless you count the Opacity which makes sure it's not too overwhelming), together they make sure that the effect is what it is. The Distance because it controls how far into the object the shadow goes (too low value and the effect is centered, too high and it's outside of the object). The Choke and Size because it controls how soft it is and how big the effect should be (it's really hard to separate them and say that the one does this and the other that). I've also added a few percent Noise, just to make it look a tiny bit more random and not so bland. It's hardly noticeable, but still, every little improvement that adds to the effect without making it look cheap or overworked is a good thing.

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