Tuesday, January 18, 2011

100 Styles 12 - Lovely Lines - Abstract Multi Lines

Abstract Multi Line effect (Click the image to see it bigger)

Following up on yesterday's post in two ways, first because the above effect is also utilizing other effects than the Stroke to create lines, second because it's in a small way inspired by something I realized yesterday, more on that below though. Read on for more info on how the style is created and to be able to download it.

Abstract Multi Lines

Inner Glow settings

Let's start from the outside and work our way in, first we have the Outer Glow. There is one important thing here, the Spread is set to 100% to make it a solid line rather than a blurry glow. Apart from that it's fairly basic, the color is set to the color the stroke should be and the Size to the width of the line.

Stroke settings

Here's where I was inspired a bit from something I realized yesterday, that the stroke interacts with the layers below it, even in the Inside Position. Today I think I might know why... I'm not sure, but in either case, the good thing about this is that you can use the Inside Position (which will give straight corners to the Stroke rather than rounded) and still have the interaction with the layers below you'd get with a stroke in the Outside Position. To get more lines than one from one effect I've used the Gradient Fill Type, set to Shape Burst so the lines follow the contours of the object. The gradient used is the default gradient Transparent Stripes.

Inner Glow settings

The Inner Glow is used to add the innermost line, and the Linear Dodge Blend Mode at 57% Opacity with the color white makes sure the effect works on all object colors. (I originally used the Color Dodge Blend Mode, but then one would have to change the color depending on the object color, now it works with all object colors and looks virtually the same. Really nice when things works out like that.) There is another important thing, and that is to make sure the the Size is larger than the size of the Stroke. Since the stroke is an inside stroke they'll compete over the same area and the stroke is stronger, so to have any effect at all the Inner Glow needs to go further in.

Gradient Overlay settings

Finally the Gradient Overlay is used to produce the slight light effect in the lower right corner. It's very similar to the light effect in the Chess effect background just with the Color Dodge blend mode in this case instead.

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