Wednesday, January 26, 2011

100 Styles 17 - Shadowy Creatures - Pseudo 3D

Pseudo 3D effect (Click the image to see it bigger)

Today I'm using a Drop Shadow to create a Pseudo 3D text effect, so shadow yes, creature no. Read on for more info about how to recreate the effect, as well as a chance to download the style file to experiment with yourself.
Pseudo 3D Text Effect

Drop Shadow settings

The only thing required for this nice and simple effect is the Drop Shadow. (And lowering the Fill Opacity if you want to have the text transparent, see yesterday's post for one place to do this if you're not aware of the setting already.) I've left the Blend Mode at the default Multiply, but if one wants some more wild effect it's just to try for example the Color Burn Blend Mode, I prefer this slightly more subtle effect in this case. The color of course depends on the background etc, so I suggest using another color on another background. The Distance and Angle are important, though it's easiest just to use the mouse and move the shadow in the image while the Drop Shadow tab is selected (in CS 4 and later, at least I think it was in CS4 it was introduced, but I'm not sure). Finally, unlike yesterday, the Layer Knocks Out Drop Shadow needs to be checked for this effect to work.

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