Saturday, January 15, 2011

100 Styles 10 - Gradients - Pearls

Abstract effect (Click the image to see it bigger)

Today we've come to the final gradient, it's only indirectly using a gradient, but still, it's an option if you need five gradients. Now this effect doesn't, but it's a reminder that things can be used in ways you don't think of if you just judge them after what the description says they do. (Now, in one sense the above image includes a large number of gradients if you count the individual representations, but I mean in the sense of places where you can use gradients.) Read on for info on where this gradient is, as well as for how to recreate the above image, and to be able to download the style file to experiment with yourself.

The Effect

Pattern Overlay settings (Click the image to see it bigger)

As you can see from the above image it's the Pattern Overlay filter that is the fifth way to use a gradient in a Photoshop Layer Style. It's not as flexible as the other occasions as it's created before and then defined as a pattern. The screenshot above showcases the topmost layer, there are seven more, five of the other layers use the same settings apart from one thing, the Size is increased by one percent for each layer down. The background layer is using the same settings apart from the Size following the same pattern as above + it's using the Luminosity Blend Mode.

The Layers panel (Click the image to see it bigger)

And here is the Layers panel, as you can see from it there are seven layers, all using the layer style with the settings varied in the way described above. The background layer is blue and gives the color for the image (in other words, change the color of it and the colors change). The other layers are shape layers, and their Fill Opacity is set to 0% so only the Layer Style has any effect (in other words, the color of the shape layer doesn't make any difference).


  • There are actually six places you can use a gradient, as you can use a gradient in the Bevel and EmbossTexture in the same way as in the Pattern Overlay as well.
  • Click here to see a variation where just changing the Blend Mode of the lowest layer to Exclusion gives a totally different effect.

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