Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 61: Night fowl

Created in The GIMP using a Wacom Intuos 3

Today there are two pictures, they're really the same, it's just that some things went wrong when I tried to save the above picture and before I figured out how to solve it I got the below result several times. The more I looked at the faulty version the more I liked it though, so I decided to show it too. (I've later realized that they are in a way each others opposites, the above is the bird in the sky, and the below looks a bit like the stars have fallen from the sky onto a planet.

Created in The GIMP, but since I didn't check the settings when saving it didn't turn out like it was supposed too. A proof that even great artists can make mistakes ;-) (I mean, if I can make mistakes, then I'm sure that great artists can too, maybe not as many, but still... All kidding aside I'm sure that the greater the artist the more mistakes, you gotta take chances to reach above the ordinary ;-) )

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