Monday, October 6, 2008

A Special Experiment: Ayer, Hoy y Siempre (Yesterday, Today and Always)

Created in Photoshop CS3 (elements created in Apophysis 2.02 and Blender 2.47)

Taking a step away from the usual stuff in that this one actually was more of a finished piece, or three if you see it that way -- they do belong together though so I see it as one piece. At the same time it was an experiment in many ways though, so I still think it's worthy of a place here.  Hope you enjoy looking at it, and please click the lower image to see a higher resolution version, it makes a lot of difference. (The framed prints are from by the way, though I framed them myself. Was cheaper to buy frames here than from them, especially as it most probably would have added some to the shipping cost.)

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